“Well known as Perth’s premier Jazz band, their

performances are electrifying and enthralling from

start to finish” –  Fringefeed ★★★★★

It is a pleasure to see the performers’ contagious energy and enjoyment as they share the stage with one another.

– Fringefeed ★★★★★

“What a show! We loved it from beginning to end, no wonder it was a sell out. The singers were phenomenal and had brilliant stage presence, you could tell how much they loved singing with band. The energy levels throughout the performance were contagious and you can tell everyone on stage and off were loving it. Must see group of musicians!” – 2023 audience review

“The Collective is not just a jazz band, apart from being made up of award winning musicians, they’re also an all singing, all dancing troupe that will have you wishing you had even an ounce of the talent they possess. The rapport held by the band is palpable and they perform as one unit, cheering on the other band members during their respective solos.” – Fringefeed ★★★★★

“Skillful arrangements played by immensely talented musicians, band director Jess Herbert has created a vibrant team whose performance shines through when complimented by immensely talented vocalists.”

 – Fringefeed ★★★★★